Asparagi Bianchi Fritti, an easy recipe which comes from Bassano del Grappa is a city in the Vicenza province, Region of Veneto, in Northern Italy. Those white asparagus are just perfect as antipasto or as second course.

Serves 2, Preparation 10 mins, Cooking 20 mins

  • A bunch of white asparagus
  • AP / Plain Flour, to taste
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • Breadcrumbs, to taste
  • a pinch of salt
  • a sprinkle of dried thyme
  • Peanut oil, to taste


Trim off the tougher end of the asparagus, scrape out the stalks with a knife or vegetable peeler. Steam the asparagus or boil them in boiling water for about 8 minutes, then drain them, run them under cold water and lay them out on a tea towel.

Prepare three different bowls: one with flour, one with beaten eggs and one with breadcrumbs. Dip the asparagus first in the flour, then in the beaten eggs and finally in the breadcrumbs.

Heat plenty of oil in a large frying pan and fry the asparagus until golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Season with a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of dried thyme and serve.

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