This is not Zabaione. This is called ‘Uovo Sbattuto‘ in Italian, basically raw beaten yolk egg with sugar, stricktly not cooked, that it was given to kids by the Italian grannies as a snack or for breafast, usually in a tea cup or in a glass. It’s a simple and genuine treat that in Italy recalls childhood.

Ingredients for 1 portion, Preparation time: 1-2 mins

  • 2 fresh eggs, only the yolk
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar – caster or brown

Tip: quantity may vary depending on how creamy you want it. The more sugar you add the more creamy and firm it will be.


Separate the yolk from the egg white. Do not throw away the egg white, you can freeze and use it for breading preparations or cakes/pies.

Put the yolk in a glass or in a cup, add sugar and with a fork beat it vigorously until the egg becomes creamy and homogeneous, almost a mousse.

Tip: add a drop of coffee or a pinch of cinnamon or for adults, why not some liquor?

The beaten egg should be eaten immediately!

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