Tomino is one of the popular typical Piemontese cheese, round in shape, made with goat’s milk, althought, depending on the dairy farms, Tomino is also produced with cow’s milk or a mix of both.

The best known Tomino is the flowered-rind one, which has a slight surface coating induced by mould similar to that one of Brie, the French cheese.

Tomino has a very stringy dough and a soft and white outer crust. It is usually griddled or even wrapped in bacon or Parma ham or Speck as we did or even paired along with ” Bagnet Verd – Salsa Verde”  parsley-and-vinegar-sauce-from-piedmont/.

Tomino can be also eaten raw, sometimes with simple honey or fresh fruit like figs or dried fruit like walnuts, and it can also be sold preserved in oil with dry black summer truffles or spiced.

We like it also just melted in a pan and then spreaded on a bruschetta or used as a sauce to season pasta if you don’t have time to prepare a four cheese sauce.

Where to find Tomino cheese?

You can easily find it on Italian shops online