Riso Venere con Miele, Frutta Secca e Semi di Melograno, we came up with our own version of a sweet black rice dish. The sweetness of the honey blends well with the dried fruit and slightly acidic notes of the pomegranate seeds, giving a nice balance of flavours without overpowering each other.

Serves: 2 | Preparation time: 15 mins | Cooking time: 25 mins

  • Riso Gallo Black Rice, 170 g
  • Almonds, a handful
  • Hazelnuts, a handful
  • Honey, any kind you prefer: 2 tbsp
  • Orange zest of about half an orange
  • Pomegranate Seeds, 50 g
  • Cinnamon powder: to taste


Bring some no-salted water to boil in a pot, and pour in the black rice.

Grate the peel of half an orange.

Toast both almonds and hazelnuts in the oven or in a nonstick pan until gilded. We chopped almonds and hazelnuts with a knife and leaving some whole, but to make things easier you can use ready-made grains, always toasted a little beforehand.

Drain the black rice and let it cool down, place it in a bowl, pour in honey and mix, proceed with nuts, pomegranate seeds, grated orange zest and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Stir well and serve.

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