Not all tomatoes are the same, that’s a thing, just as it is sure that tomatoes are acidic by nature, so not something that depends on us.

The best way to exalt tomato in all its form is to eliminate the acidulous part which is a bit too aggressive, preserving the aromatic part and finding the right balance between sweetness and acidity.


When making sauce with fresh tomatoes:

Both skin and seeds have most of the acids in them, so blanch them in water, then peel them and removing seeds with a small teaspoon it is a good solution to reduce the acidity.

When making a standard tomato sauce:

Someone adds a pinch of sugar or baking soda, others add a drop of milk or cream and even honey, however they might alter and covering the taste and not effectively eliminate the acid.

Avoid cooking tomato sauce for more than 30 minutes to prevent too much liquid from evaporating and concentrating the acids in the sauce in the first place.

We just love to add a piece of peeled raw carrot that will cook along with tomato sauce.
Carrot release its natural sugars without altering the taste of tomato sauce and does not release any carrot flavour.
If you don’t have carrot, try with a piece of pumpkin as well.

When making a meat and tomato sauce:

Don’t pour the wine directly into the tomato sauce. First flavour the meat with wine, add the tomato sauce afterwards ensuring that the alcohol has completely evaporated otherwise you will get a very acidic sauce.

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