Cime di Rapa aka Broccoli Rabe, Turnip Greens or Rapini, a vegetable eaten in spring/summer in different parts of Italy, especially in Central and Southern Italy where they are called by different names: in Tuscany ‘Rapini’, in Lazio ‘Broccoletti’ and in Campania ‘Friarielli’.

The Italian region that produces the most is certainly Puglia. That’s why in Italy we all tend to agree that as soon as one mentions Cime di Rapa, one immediately calls Puglia with its famous dish ‘orecchiette con cime di rapa’, a timeless delicacy that has become one of the symbols of Apulian culinary culture.

They have a bitterish and slightly spicy flavour, you can eat them all, leaves included, they go perfectly with pasta or simply sautéed in a pan with a drizzle of oil, garlic and chilli pepper, excellent on bruschetta or even on pizza or perfect as a filling for fried or baked calzone, in omelettes and soups.

Turnip greens are also a natural cure-all, like all green and bitter leafy vegetables, because are quite rich in mineral salts, calcium, phosphorous and iron to name a few.

Orecchiette con Cime di Rapa, one of the signature dishes of traditional Apulian cuisine. apulian-orecchiette-with-broccoli-rabe/