Excellent for a light mid-afternoon snack, this mixed fruit salad with nuts and cheese is a time-saving to prepare.

Serves: 2-3 | Preparation time: 10 mins

  • Peeled Almonds, to toast: 20 g
  • Cashew, to toast: 20 g
  • Asiago Italian cheese: 30 g
  • Blackberries: about 10 – 12
  • Half Cucumber, diced
  • Half Cantaloupe melon, cubed
  • Mint leaves: about 1 sprig
  • Orange juice, to taste
  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a teaspoon


Lightly toast cashews and peeled almonds in a saucepan without adding oil or butter. Set aside.

Dice the melon, cucumber and Asiago cheese. Place them in a bowl together with toasted almonds and cashews, add blackberries, mint, season with a drop of oil and a little orange juice, stir and serve.

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