Author: Fiorenza

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. First there were my parents’ teachings and the chaos of an extended Italian family reunited for the festivities; then there were formal cooking lessons and a conscious interest in the techniques and the raw materials. And now, there’s My Pinch of Italy. On these pages I share with you the recipes that made me fall in love with being in the kitchen, and the ones that I’ve discovered travelling through the lands where my family has its roots: Apulia, Sardinia and Lombardy. I designed My Pinch of Italy to be a place where you can find traditional Italian recipes, but also get a general feeling for Italian cuisine, and understand how to cook almost anything in an Italian way. This is possible only with a deeper understanding of the ingredients typical of each region and of how they interact with each region’s culture. Writing for My Pinch of Italy entails a continuous research of lesser known traditions - but also some thrilling experiments with unusual seasonings and spices. It’s an ongoing effort, one that I love and I’m very proud of. I hope you’re here to stay.