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Hello and welcome to the kitchen of My Pinch of Italy.

First of all, come meet the team: I’m Fiorenza and here’s my loyal friend, Sam. I’m the hands and the brain behind the recipes, and he steals food when I’m distracted.

At My Pinch of Italy, we believe in well cooked food that comes from the heart. We look for those recipes that make you feel at home, no matter how far you’ve gone, and we research those unexpected ingredients that hide on the shelves of your favourite corner shop.

Imagination and simplicity are characteristic of the Italian approach to cooking; to this we add experience, knowledge of the techniques and the raw materials, curiosity for lesser known regional cuisine and willingness to experiment.

Above all, we are firmly convinced that good cuisine doesn’t need fancy, rare produce with unspeakable names. We also try to make it possible for you to cook Italian with what you can shop for at your local British supermarket, without having to look for an Italian specialties shop.

On our website you will only find what we cooked ourselves, sometimes making a mess in our own kitchen. Everything is tested in person by us, our families and close friends – but only after snapping a photo of the final result. 

Whether you’re living abroad and you miss Italy, like us, or you long for the Mediterranean tastes that you tried once on an adventurous trip, put on your apron and pick up pans and pots: you’ve come to the right place.


Fiorenza – Main Author and Busy Cook

Ilaria – Editing and Copywriting

Ivan – Graphic Designer

Matteo – Web Developer




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