Let’s start by saying that discarding celery leaves is a crying shame. They are not only rich in valuable elements and substances for the health and they are also good.

Celery Leaves are perfect crushed or blended to make a fabulous pesto to season pasta or rice or even to create a creamy sauce to go with meat as well as fish.

In Southern Italy, particularly in Puglia and Campania, celery and even its leaves are specially put into tomato sauce, an ancient recipe for a first course called ‘maccarune e acc’ in dialect, which stands for Maccheroni and Celery. And trust us, it’s great.

Chopped and then added to beaten eggs and other ingredients to make a frittata or boiled then chopped and mixed to Ricotta and make Crespelle (Crepes).

Chopped and mixed to stale bread soaked to make patties.

Boiled and then pan-fried with oil, chilli pepper and anchovies, makes a delicious side-dish.

Add to pulses or any vegetable soups.

Have you seen how many things you can do with Celery Leaves?

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