Purple Carrots, Carote Viola, in Italy are also known as ‘carrots from Polignano’, a seaside town in Puglia, southern Italy, and also from Viterbo, a town in Lazio, central Italy, where their cultivation dates back to ancient Etruscan tradition.

Purple carrots are less sweet than the classic orange ones. In fact, they contain 20 per cent less sugar and are four times richer in natural anti-inflammatories such as anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants also found in wine that are healthy for the circulation and excellent allies against free radicals.

Perfect for both savoury and sweet recipes. We made a pretty good purple carrot cake with them.

The only small drawback is that purple carrots are rather colourful, so you might end up with purple hands. Just use rubber kitchen gloves and the small inconvenience is solved.

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