Italian Regional Recipes Secondi Piatti: Meat, Fish, Eggs, Cheese

Pea and Thyme Frittata

With this Frittata we bring you a quick and tasty way to enjoy an Italian dish made with fresh peas and thyme, perfect both as antipasto and main course.

Serves: 4 | Preparation time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 10-15 mins

  • Green Pea – fresh or frozen: 300 g
  • Parmigiano or Pecorino cheese, grated: 40 g
  • Eggs: 8
  • Onions: 1
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 2 tbsp
  • (optional) Breadcrumbs: 1 tbsp
  • Thyme, fresh: 1 sprig or Thyme, dried: 1 tsp
  • Salt and pepper: to taste


If you’re using fresh peas blanch them for about 5 minutes in boiling water. If you’re using frozen peas, you can use them still frozen or unfreeze them at room temperature.

Finely dice the onion and brown it in the pan with a tablespoon of EVOO. Add peas to the pan along with some thyme leaves and a pinch of salt, add a bit of water and cook for at least 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Beat up the eggs in a bowl, add grated Parmigiano or Pecorino, a pinch of black pepper. If you think the mixture is too liquid just add some breadcrumbs, otherwise if instead it’s too thick just add some milk.

Add peas to the egg mixture and stir well. Heat up two tablespoon of EVOO in the pan, then pour the eggs and cook the frittata on medium for 5 to 7 minutes.

Tip: The pan must be fairly hot when you pour in the egg mixture and cook the egg mixture on medium heat for the first two minutes, then low the heat.

Make sure Frittata is evenly cooked on both sides by flipping it. Cover the pan with the lid or a large flat plate, then turn the pan upside down whilst keeping the lid on top of it. Let frittata slide back from the lid to the pan so that it can cook on the other side for about 5 minutes.

Serve at room temperature or even cold.

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