Filetti di Trota Salmonata perfect as a second course or even as a main dish, they can be prepared in no time. We have used white pepper, which fit better with fish since is more delicate than black pepper.

Serves 2-3, Preparation 10 mins, Cooking 20 mins

  • 4 cleaned salmon trout fillets
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • a handful of cherry tomatoes
  • a handful of capers
  • a handful of green olives
  • 4 tablespoons EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fresh or dried thyme, a handful
  • salt, a pinch
  • Ground white pepper, a pinch


Slice onion and potatoes finely, halve cherry tomatoes.

Heat the oil in a frying pan, fry the sliced onion on a low flame, after a few minutes the cherry tomatoes, green olives and capers, thyme a pinch of salt and white pepper. Lid on and leave the sauce to cook for at least 15 minutes over a low heat or until the potatoes are tender.
Add the salmon trout fillets with the skin towards the bottom of the frying pan.

Cover the pan partially with the lid for 5 minutes, turn the fillets over and fry for a further couple of minutes.
Then turn off the heat and leave them warm in the aromatic sauce for a few more minutes.

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