Fiori di Zucca Fritti in Pastella di Birra alla Romana. Different preparations with courgette flowers are common throughout Italy as a starter dish from Liguria till the deep South – but when the flowers are stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies then deep-fried, they just say Rome. They are a well-known and appreciated mostly as a street food delicacy, perfect to bite on whilst strolling down the streets of RBeer Batter Fried Courgette Flowers Roman-Style.

The batter used in this recipe is yeastless, eggless, just used beer.

Serves: 2 | Preparation: 10 mins + 30 mins to rest in the fridge | Cooking: 10 mins

  • Courgette Flowers: 4
  • Tinned Anchovy fillets in olive oil: 4
  • Fresh Mozzarella: 100 g
  • A/P Flour – Plain Flour: 100 g
  • Very Cold Lager Beer: 200 ml
  • Salt: a pinch
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – EVOO for deep frying – or Peanuts oil, 500 ml


Cleaning Courgette Flowers:

Take the flowers, one at a time, peel off the lateral growths at the base of the flower itself.
Do not cut the stem at the base.
Gently open the flower and remove the pistil.
Quickly and gently rinse the flower under running water, put it to dry on a clean cloth. Do this for all courgette flowers.

Beer Batter:

Sieve the flour. 100 grams of flour to be combined with 200 ml of very cold lager beer, mix well with a whisk until the mixture is smooth and lumps-free. Cover the beer batter with cling film, leave it in the fridge to rest for about 30/40 minutes.

Use some kitchen paper to absorb part of the mozzarella’s water.

Stuff each flower with a piece of mozzarella and an anchovy fillet, then close them delicately.

Heat up the oil in a large frying pan. Dip the flowers into the batter, then lift them and let the excess batter drip back into the bowl.

Deep fry the flowers for a couple of mins on both sides. When fried through, lay the flowers down on a plate lined with kitchen paper that will absorb the oil. Season to taste and serve warm.

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