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Dark-Chocolate Filled Raspberries Bites

That’s such a treat. The sweetness of the chocolate and the sour-sweet taste of the raspberries combine perfectly and can be prepared in minutes. If you want to jazz up the chocolate further, add a spoonful of Amaretto di Saronno liqueur or Rum while you are melting it. We also filled a few with ricotta cream.

We recommend to use the piping bags to fill them.

Serves 2-3, Preparation 20 mins

  • Raspberries, 250-300 g
  • Grated dark chocolate, 30-40 g
  • a tbsp of Amaretto di Saronno or Rum or Cognac
  • Whole milk or soy milk, 20 ml
  • 100 g sheep’s milk ricotta
  • 60 g of caster sugar


For the Ricotta cream:

In a bowl, whip the ricotta and sugar together with an electric whisk for 2-3 minutes until the mixture is soft and velvety and lumps-free. You can also whip ricotta with sugar by adding a bit of milk.

For the Chocolate cream:

Grate and melt dark chocolate in the microwave or heat the milk and then add the chocolate pieces. Stir until melted and lumps-free. Optional: add a tbsp of DiSaronno or any other booze you like.

Tip: Watch not to use a melted chocolate too much hot to fill raspberries otherwise it will cook them.

Wash and dry the raspberries thoroughly.

Pour chocolate into a piping bag and ricotta cream into another one.

Squeeze the bag to fill each raspberry with the mixing you prefer . Place raspberries in the fridge for about 20 minutes to set.

Eat them at room temperature.

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