Sulmona Red Garlic, takes its name from the city of Sulmona and precisely in the Peligna Valley, province of L’Aquila, has been cultivated for centuries in Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy. An Italian excellence known as Aglio Rosso di Sulmona, a wine-coloured garlic casing prized for its strong aroma and piquant flavour.

The soil in which it is grown is particularly rich in potassium.

Immediately after harvesting, the garlic is cleaned, tied in bunches and placed in the sun on pallets to dry.

It is spicier and has a stronger smell than the common white garlic we are used to using in cooking.

It is sown until the end of January and harvested in June.

This red garlic can be eaten fresh, in oil or sweet and sour.

Red garlic contrasts the development of some bacterias, it helps preventing cardiovascular diseases, regulates the arteries pressure and favorites the lowering of cholesterol percentage in blood.

The red garlic from Sulmona, thanks to the high content of allicin, contains the peculiarities of this product in a larger quantity than the other kind of garlic from other territories, for this reason the concession of the PDO certificate is in progress.

Try it in bread as we made: garlic-and-herb-wholemeal-bread/

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