Acquerello rice is grown and packaged by the Rondolino family on the Colombara farmhouse since 1936, in the heart of the plain of Vercelli, an area historically devoted to the cultivation of rice in Piedmont region.

The aging of the paddy rice starts at least a year before turning it into white rice, according to the popular saying “fresh old processed rice”, and to keep it well it uses the refrigeration technique.
It is then aged 7 years in the silos.

Why the name ‘Acquerello’?

Well, quite easy to say: Acquerello contains the Italian word ‘Acqua’ , ‘Water’ in English, thus as rice cultivation is done in water which is the life of rice, the idea of the name came from it.
It is a particularly refined rice and for this reason it is a precious gift and considered among the best in the world, in fact the great chefs use it for their dishes and it is an Italian excellence. Yes, is a highly prized rice.

What are its characteristics?

It is classified as aged Carnaroli rice.
Basically, Acquerello Rice is a white rice, but it has all the nutritional characteristics of a brown rice!

As said, Acquerello is aged rough, then refined and reintegrated with its gemstone through a process called “helix” – in order to transform the raw rice into white rice –  which allows the most precious nutritional elements (mineral salts, proteins, vitamins), contained in a greater percentage in the external part of the grain, to penetrate inside the grain itself. With this method, the rice is enriched, stays perfectly intact.

Aging is an ancient process, a system invented in 1875, then abandoned, but now revalued for the processing of Acquerello rice. Anyway it remains very little practiced: it is considered a luxury for storage and refrigeration costs.

That’s why Acquerello values so much.

Its grains are whole, firm and tasty, this rice is perfect for all dishes, needless to say this rice is renowned as the best for risotti.

To preserve its qualities it is sold in practical vacuum cans of various sizes.
Processing and packaging are carried out with care directly in the farmhouse, in full respect of nature and the surrounding habitat.

Where to find Acquerello rice?

Apart from Italy, you can find it on line on Amazon and on Italian shop on-line.

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