Cheese and Pistachio Nuts Finger Food

Delicacies in mignon format for these goat’s cheese and pistachios finger food to be enjoyed in a mouthful. Finger food is the smartest way to serve appetizers at a cocktail party and the best finger food to serve is the one quick to prepare and requires zero cooking – just like these bite-sized fresh cheese treats.

Serves: 4 to 5 | Preparation time: 10 mins | Store in the fridge : 30 mins

  • Fresh soft goat’s cheese: 150 g
  • Pistachio nuts: 100 g
  • Parmesan, grated: 30 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 1 tsp
  • Black ground pepper: to taste


Coarsely chop the pistachio nuts and set them aside in a large shallow plate.

Tip: You can chop the pistachio nuts by using a knife or by quickly blending them in a food processor; just mind not to grind them too finely, as you need some coarse pistachio crumbs and not a pistachio powder.

Mix together the fresh cheese and the grated Parmesan in a bowl along with black pepper, a tsp of olive oil and 2 tsp of chopped pistachio nuts. Stir thoroughly to distribute the ingredients evenly.

Shape the cheese mixture into small balls, with a diameter of about 1 cm. Coat each cheese-ball with the pistachio nuts by rolling it on the pistachio crumbs in the shallow plate.

Place the cheese-pistachio balls on a serving tray and let them cool down in the fridge for half an hour.

Take them out of the fridge 10 minutes before serving them to your guests.

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