How To Use The Dark Green Part of Leek

The dark green part of leek leaves is often discarded as it is usually pretty tough. Since we can’t stand wasting food especially when we have a thousand and one ways to reuse those small scraps and cuts that would normally end up in the compost, we decided to use it.

A good simple way to put to use the harder, dark green leaves of your leek is to put them into the vegetable broth or in a vegetable soup.

Boil the green part until tender and add it to the eggs to make a frittata.

And again, cut the dark green part of leek into very thin strips, then lightly flour them and fry them up in some seed oil.

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  1. This is a great tip. I keep vegetable odds and ends in a bag in the freezer to use in my homemade stocks and it helps add so much flavor.

  2. I never thought about to use the dark green part of the leeks, but these all sound like great ideas. Can’t wait to give these ideas a try.

  3. Oh I never knew how to use the dark green part, so thank you for sharing! Gonna have to test out some new recipes!

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