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Pureed Butternut Soup

This delicious autumn recipe is ideal for low-calorie diets, as it’s made only with broth and a few vegetables. It’s great to share with a vegan or gluten intolerant friend, too!

Although the butternut squash is ubiquitous in supermarkets all over Italy, it’s cultivated mostly in Veneto and in the southern area of Lombardy.
Like every every yellow and orange vegetable or fruit,  butternut squash is particularly rich in vitamin A and C and minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

Serves: 2 | Preparation time: 15-20 mins | Cooking time: 35 mins

  • Butternut: 300 g
  • Butter, unsalted: 30 g
  • Vegetable broth: 1l
  • Potatoes, medium-sized: 1
  • Thyme or sage, fresh: about a sprig
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 1 tbsp
  • Nutmeg: half a tsp
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated or starch: as needed
  • Toasted pumpkin seeds: to taste
  • Salt: to taste


Cut the onion into small pieces and brown it in a pan with the butter and the olive oil.

Clean the pumpkin: peel it and remove the seeds, then dice it into small cubes. Peel the potatoes and dice them, as well. Add the pumpkin and the potatoes to the pan, along with the thyme and some salt, and quickly fry them up over medium heat.

Pour the broth in the pan, until the vegetables are completely covered by it. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer until the potatoes and the pumpkin are soft and thoroughly cooked through.

Tip: For this recipe you can use ready-made vegetable broth, or make it from scratch by simply boiling together some spring onion, carrot and celery.

Take off thyme sprig, then use an immersion blender to mix everything in a smooth velvety cream. You can make the cream more liquid by adding more broth, or else thicker by adding some grated parmesan or starch.

Garnish with a drizzle of olive oil and some toasted pumpkin seeds before serving.

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