Purple Carrots

Purple Carrots, in Italy aka ‘Polignano Carrots’, a seaside city in Apulia region, called Polignano a mare, where they are cultivated all year round.

Beside Polignano a Mare, there is also a great cultivar of purple carrots in Viterbo, a small city in Lazio region – Central Italy, dating back to the ancient Etruscan tradition.

Purple Carrots are slightly less sweet than orange ones, in fact Purple Ccarrots contain 20% less sugar and are 4 times richer in natural anti-inflammatories, anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants substances also present in wine that are good for circulating and fighting free radicals.

You can use them instead of the classic orange in any recipe, both savoury and sweet.

The only little drawback is that Purple Carrots are pretty dyeing, so you may end up with purple hands. Oh well, just use kitchen gloves and you’ve solved the little drawback.

Don’t you already love them?

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