Peas and Pancetta – Piselli e Pancetta, is an enjoyable side dish. It can also become an excellent seasoning for pasta or risotto.

Serves 2, Preparation time 10 minutes, Cooking time 30 minutes

  • 200 g. fresh or frozen peas
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 carrot
  • 50 g. of smoked diced pancetta
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • salt and black pepper, to taste
  • Hot water, to taste
  • 1/2 vegetable stock cube
  • Fresh basil leaves, 2 or 3
  • Minced fresh mint leaves, 2


Fill a glass with warm water, add the half of vegetable stock cube, stir and let it melt. There is not point in making a vegetable broth if you want to be quick.

Dice the carrot and chop the shallot.

In a saucepan heat the oil for a few mins, then add the shallot and let it brown 1 min, then add diced carrot, stir-fry for about 2 mins.

Add pancetta, cook it until crispy.

Add peas, combine the glass of hot water with the melted stock cube, add minced mint leaves, seasoning to taste, stir, covered by a lid and cook over low heat for about 25 mins.

At the end of cooking, add some basil leaves, stir and serve your side-dish.

Tip: You can replace pancetta with sausage or prosciutto

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