Batter for fried

Fried food is excellent if is crunchy and dry thanks to great batter. Perfect both for fish and vegetables,  the result will be a very high performance! Take a look at the thousand doses listed below.


Preparation time 5 minutes


  • 120 g. white flour (00)
  • 180 ml. light beer or 180 ml. sparkling frozen water



Put the sifted flour in a bowl, then add the light beer and mix with a whisk or electric beater to avoid the lumps formation. Mix very well until you get a smooth uniform mixture. Your batter is ready!

In a pan, heat the oil seeds (peanuts seeds is better) and dip the vegetables a little at a time and cook until gilding is fair, remove form the pan and put on absorbent paper and serve the golden and crunchy vegetables on the table …


  1. Don’t add the salt during preparation of batter because you risk that the fried doesn’t result crunchy. You can put a pinch of salt on your vegetables after frying.
  2. Some recipes also add a pinch of yeast, but it may be heavy.
  3. About cooking vegetables in batter: before frying them, parboil them for few minutes if they are very solid, so they will soften quickly as the batter begins to assume its gilding.
  4. The batter must also be prepared with an advance of at least 1 hour, so that it has a minimum of time to rest.

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